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Emmad Furnished Apartments was established in 2003. Emmad furnished apartments is a licensed company under the hotel and tourism sector in Ethiopia. Emmad provides accommodations for long and short term occupants. Emmad was established fifteen years ago and has been part of the massive transformation and growth of the Ethiopian economy over the past decade. We recognize that times have changed and as a company we need to conform our services to meet our tenants’ needs and expectations. This is why Emmad strives in providing first class service to all our occupants by creating and making accessible all the conveniences to make their stay comfortable.

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As our slogan clearly states, we are aimed towards providing our clients with a home, which just happens to be in a hotel. That is what we do; we provide our clients with their home. We provide them with everything they need and more during their stay in our institution. We provide a myriad of services including annual leases, extended stays, heated pool, outdoor Jacuzzi, fully equipped spa, state of the art fitness center, conference hall, business center, restaurant, shuttle service, and free Wi-Fi. It is hard to find any other place that can provide all these services, and on the top of that offer these services for a fair and reasonable price. With us, you get the whole package. You get state of the art services that will make you feel like you haven’t gone from home and are still in home. That is the aspiration we have, and we are committed to do everything in our power to make that happen. For fifteen years, we have been able to work with lots of tourists, and other interested parties. We have built a reputation in the hotel and tourism sector by delivering everything we preach. In our line of work, you don’t work for fifteen years and not gain a deep understanding of what customers or potential clients need. Over the years, we have gone through changes so as to provide our clients with the best service possible. We are eager to work with anyone that needs accommodations. We are especially eager to work with foreign and local businesses or organizations, single professionals and couples. At Emmad Furnished Apartments, we promise you will get what you need and want− Home. We are driven by the satisfaction we see on the faces of our clients. We are committed to do everything we can so as to make that happen, and make your stay with us anything and everything you hope it would be.


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